To be able to play World in Conflict multiplayer
the game needs to establish connection with Master Server, formely known as Master Server keeps all information about logins, profiles and statistics of individual players as well as currrent status of all game servers. Since WiCgate is almost carbon copy of original and is not an emulator of any kind, no changes to the game installation on your computer required.
The only one and very change required for game version released prior Soviet Assault game expansion. To unlock Soviet Assault and make game compatible with WiCgate Master CD-KEY file assault.dat should be placed in WiC directory on your computer.

Another very important and absolulety nessesary step is make changes in one of Windows Networkin configuration file called "host".
Location of this file: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and name of the file "hosts". It is plain text file, but notice that it doesn't have any extention, for example ".txt"
Changes applied to this file have nothing to do with game itself and just make redirection for domain to WiCgate server.
Such changes advised by Massive in Open Source distribution of WiC Master Server.
If you have patched game with multiplayer fix for playiing on, file dbghelp.dll should be restored to original from WiC distribution and file assault.dat played in WiC directory as well.
*you can apply multiplay fix to get connected and play on at any time. Just do not forget remeber/save you corresponding CD-KEY you registered on with. The master CD-KEY distributed by WiCgate WILL NOT work with backend emulator.

to make all this chages is very straight forward process and make it even easy, we provide installer in form of .exe file.
Simply download it and run as any other windows programm. Installator will cahnge hosts fiel and write to Windows registry. If you have any Antivirus installed this actions may be recognised as dangerouse and prohibited by your antivirus. In this case for the time of installation (and only for this time) antivirus shourd be switched off or completly disabled. That is pretty much all about it. Go ahad download Installer, run it, fire up the game and have fun.

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